Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Year Round Halloween! Fiber Art Shawl, hand spun, hand knit

For some, Halloween is a way of life, not just an October holiday.....
So why wait to wear your colors?!?!?!?!

Truly fit for a beguiling witch or any Halloween-lover, ALL year long! This lovely triangular shawl was handspun by myself out of black and rust super-soft merino wool, and hand-knit in a loose & lacy stitch to show-off the texture of the yarn! There's *just something* about handspun natural yarn that feels so weighty, rich & rustic; not hard to see how folk become yarn-snobs once they've owned *handspun* items! 

I made this shawl/gypsy hip wrap with Halloween in-mind, but I didn't want it to be SO Halloween-specific that one would not possibly wear it any other time of year. I *think* the addition of the sari silk fringe ties in colors of autumn leaves or party streamers helps to that end, and gives it a bit more of a bohemian/gypsy/fiesta feel & flounce that just might have you pulling this out for Cinco de Mayo as well, or just to wrap up in happy memories of my/your favorite holiday during the rest of the year. Afterall.....the rest of the year drags while we wait for Halloween to arrive! What kind of magic can YOU stir up while wearing it?!?!?!


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